Agra Fort with an Iconic View

The Agra Fort: A Glimpse

Agra is known as the city of the Taj Mahal, attracting a huge number of tourists every day. Agra is home to a number of other attractions too. There are a number of other attractions in the city which deserve to be visited and explored for the enrichment of one’s own knowledge of the history and culture of the city and India as a whole. The Agra Fort is one of the foremost monuments of the city, known for its majestic size and intricate Mughal architecture. It is built of red sandstone and showcases a number of attractions for the eye of the beholder.

A Brief History of the Fort

The Agra Fort is older than the Red Fort of Delhi, built by the Great Mughal Emperor Akbar around the year 1565-73. Initially, the fort also served as a residence to the first Mughal ruler Babur but it was brought into its present stage by Shah Jahan, the grandson of Akbar and the man who built the Taj Mahal. The fort has a number of worth exploring portions and buildings which make it a very important site for any tourist.

Basic Details of the Fort

Now let’s have a look on details about Location, Timings and Ticket Prices

LocationAgra Fort, Rakabganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh (Pincode-282003)
Opening DaysOpens EVERYDAY.
Opening Hours6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Ticket Prices• For Indian ₹40 • For Foreigner ₹600 • For SAARC and BIMSTEC Visitors ₹40 • Kids below 15 years are to be entered free of cost.

Nearest Airports and Stations

Nearest AirportAgra (AGR) Airport
Nearest Railway StationAgra Fort Railway Station
Nearest Bus StandAgra Fort Bus Terminal

Best Time to visit the monument

SummerApril to May
WinterNovember to January
MonsoonAugust to September
OWIC’s Recommendation for your visitLate-October to March

What Makes the Fort so Iconic?

There are a number of magnificent structures inside the Agra Fort which make it iconic and unique. Here is the list of some of them:

1. Diwaan-e- Khaas

2. Diwaan-e- Aam

3. Meena Masjid

4. Somnath Gate/ Ghaznin Gate

5. Jahangir’s Hauz

6. Shahjahani Mahal

7. Adal-i- Zanjir (The Chain of Justice)

8. Shah Burj

9. Shish Mahal

Here is some information about them curated by OWIC Blogs:

Diwaan-e- Khaas

Diwan-i- Khaas translates to a special office. It was meant to host foreign ambassadors and dignitaries. It was a meeting office where the King discussed affairs of immense importance and privacy. Civilians and even minor officials were not allowed in this office. A gate on the north side of Diwan-i-aam. It consists of a rectangular central chamber. It forms an integral part of the fort.

Meena Masjid

The Agra Fort also showcases the piousness and piety of the ruler Shah Jahan. It was built during the years 1631- 1640. It is considerably small in size and situated near Diwan-i-Khaas. Clad completely in White Marble, it has a very peaceful and soothing ambience with it. The architecture of the Masjid is very simple and plain as compared to the rest of the fort. While Shah Jahan was imprisoned in the fort, he regularly prayed in the Meena Mosque.

Somnath Gate/ Ghaznin Gate

While discovering the Khaas Mahal area of the fort, one might come across a locked room in the fort, where a huge and grand gate is kept. This gate is usually called the Somnath Gata but actually it is the Ghaznin Gate. It’s historical background dates back to Mahmud of Ghazni. In the year 1842, it was brought from Afghanistan by the British. The British weaved a story around the gate that it was an entrance to a Hindu temple to appease the Hindu population and take them on the government’s side. Later, it was revealed that it was just a political propaganda.

Jahangir’s Hauz

Carved out of a single rock, Jahangir’s Hauz or Jahangir’s bath tub is one of the main attractions of the Agra Fort. About 5 feet high, it was first found at Akbar’s Place. Sir John Marshall placed it at the Agra Fort. It is called Hauz-i- Jahangiri and found at the entrance of Jahangiri Mahal. Its year of construction, i.e 1611 is mentioned in the famous Nasta’liq script. It is speculated that the Hauz might have been a gift to Noor Jahan, Jahangir’s wife as the couple got married in the same year.

Adal-i- Zanjir

Jahangir records in his memoirs that he put this chain so that the subjects who seek justice can shake that in order to get a hearing of their issues. It was around 80 feet in length and had 60 bells. Foreign travelers like William Hawkins had personally seens this chain, hence it was not a myth.

Shah Burj

Also called Mussaman Burj and Saman Burj, this structure is adjacent to Diwan-i- khaas. Just like the Taj Mahal, Shahjahan built for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is built entirely with white marble, which distinguishes it from the rest of the fort. The entire structure is designed with pietra dura style of inlay, it also has a fountain within it.

Shish Mahal

Located to the West side of the Musamman Burj is the extraordinarily beautiful Shish Mahal. It is called the Shish Mahal or the palace of mirrors because several mirrors of every size have been placed on its ceilings and walls. It has been recorded by historians that these mirrors had been brought from Syria. Other than these structures there are Diwan-i-Aam, the office for the common folk and the Shah Jahani Mahal. View Taj Mahal from the Red FortThe thing that enhances the beauty of the fort is the fact that the Taj Mahal can be viewed from several windows and other portions. One can view the Taj appearing in different sizes from various angles from the fort. This makes the Taj and the fort very special monuments and sights to behold.

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