Top 5 Places to visit in Ayodhya

Ayodhya is a twin town of Faizabad district of the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is identified as a legendary city and the birthplace of the Hindu God Rama. Hence, the Ramayana, world oldest epic is set in Ayodhya. The city came into light during the reign of Gupta Empire. Ayodhya is one of the holiest cities of the country as a number of myths and legends are associated with it. Ayodhya has gathered international attention due to the dispute regarding the Rama Janm Bhoomi. Finally, the dispute is over and the apex court has given its verdict in favour of building the Ram Mandir while upholding the dignity and respect of all the religions involved. It has also been ordered to build a Masjid [Mosque] at a different place. Ayodhya also
has a Guinness World Record of lighting 450,000 diyas on the occasion of Diwali in 2019.

Ram ki Paidi

Ram ki Paidi on the bank of River Saryu is a series of ghats in Ayodhya in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a very significant site for the pilgrims who come here to take a sacred bath and close to the glory of lord Rama. It is believed in Hindu customs and traditions that the taking a dip in the sacred rivers makes one get rid of their sins and their outcomes. This makes Ram ki Paidi a must visit in Ayodhya. People of all religions can come here and take a bath or can simply enjoy the serenity of the place.

Kanak Bhagwan Temple

Also known as Sone ka Mandir [the golden temple], the magnificent Kanak Bhagwan Temple was manufactured by Queen Vrishbhanu Kuvari of Teekamgarh of Madhya Pradesh in the year 1891. In the temple, there are exquisite idols of Goddess Sita with Lord Rama and his three brothers wearing gold crowns. The temple is a great example the architecture of 19th Century CE. A number of pilgrims and devotees visit this temple every day, making it a very significant temple of the sacred city.

Vijay Raghav Temple

Constructed in 1915, the temple is well known as it presents Lord Rama in 12 different forms called Vishva Virat.The temple is made of read marbles and stainless-steel. It holds an important place among the temples belonging to the Tingal branch of Achari Sect. if you’re planning to visit Ayodhya, we’ll recommend you to visit this temple.

Hanuman Garhi Mandir

The history of India is as old as time. We have a number of temples, monuments and sites which belong to ancient times. In Ayodhya, one such relic of time is Hanuman Garhi Mandir, built in 10 th century AD. It is dedicated to lord Hanuman. Lord Rama’s commander in chief, his unmatched devotee and an incarnation of Lord Shiva himself. This temple gives an illusion of fort from outside due to its architecture. It is
one of the most prominent Hanuman temples of the North India.

Tulsi Udyaan

Tulsi udyaan is a vast beautiful garden with ornate statues and a lot of greenery. It is just 1.5 km away from Ram Janmbhoomi [the birthplace of Lord Rama] and 1 km away from the Saryu Ghat. It is place where you can enjoy sitting quietly with peace and solace.

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