Table of contents: Agra Lucknow Kanpur Mathura Ayodhya Allahabad/ Prayagraj Varanasi Jhansi Hastinapur Sarnath INCREDIBLE UTTAR PRADESH: A GLIMPSE INTO THIS STATEINDIA is a country which rests on its diversity for her identity. It has 28 states as of now and each of them has its own beauty and magnificence. Each state tells a different story but each story weaves […]

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Top 10 Colourful Places of Incredible India

Top 10 Most Colourful Places in India

India, the ancient land of the oldest civilizations, traditions and cultures of the world, is home to a number of hues of history, religion and architecture. Experience the top 10 colourful places in India with family tourists. India is called incredible because it is not restricted to a certain kind of heritage. Its beauty lies in its diversity and the […]

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US President Donald Trump’s Visit to India

US President Donald Trump

American President Donald Trump is set to visit India on 24 and 25 February 2020. The POTUS will be visiting Ahmedabad and Delhi. A US military aircraft has already been landed in Ahmedabad as a part of the protocol of the American’s President’s security. The American President has stated that he’s looking forward to his visit to India. He is […]

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