Top 10 Foods of Agra You Should Not Miss

Food Taste in Agra

Agra is one of the foremost tourist spots in India. It is the home to a number of world-famous tourist spots like the Taj Mahal, the Agra Fort, Sikandra, Buland Darwaza, and a number of minor yet mesmerizing sites to behold. 

In addition to this, tourists enjoy a number of delicious and unique dishes and street food served in Agra. Here’s a list of some mouth-watering Mughal cuisines of Agra, you shouldn’t miss at any cost:

Top 10 Foods List of Agra

1. Bedhai Jalebi Nasta

Top 10 Foods List of Agra
Bedhai is a meal usually taken as breakfast in Agra.

One of the most popular breakfasts served at restaurants, dabhas and sweet shops in Agra is Bedhai. It’s a kind of khasta poori (fried flour ball) filled with delicious spicy daal (pulses). It’s served with a unique aloo ki sabzi (potato curry). This must-have combination is famous at every food nook and corner as a breakfast. Make sure to have this cuisine, the next time you visit Agra.

2. Panchi Petha & Gajak

No exaggeration, Petha is a world-famous sweet dish. It’s so particular to Agra that people prefer to call it Agra ka Petha. It’s made from a fruit called ‘Kumedha’. A typical petha gives the illusion of being translucent. The Petha industry in Agra is one of the biggest in Agra. There are many different varieties of petha.

You can taste Sada/Dry petha Nariyal (coconut) Petha, Gulaab Petha (Pink petha), Paan (betel plant flavored) Petha, Kesar petha, Chocolate Petha, Meva Petha, and so on. Your taste buds are for sure to be blessed by this unique sweet. The two most famous Petha stores are Panchhi Petha Store and Gopaladas Petha Store.

3.Chaatgali (Chaat gully) ki Chaat

Chaatgali (Sadar) is home to a variety of Chaat and other delicious streetfoods.

Sadar Bazaar is one of the most attractive locations to visit in Agra as far as shopping is concerned. Moreover, it’s home to the famous Chaatgali. At Chaatgali (Chaat Gully) you can discover a variety of local street food, all in one place. There is the eponymous chaat (a spicy snack chiefly comprising potatoes), Kulfi (desi ice-cream), Chow mein, Cheela, Paav Bhaaji, Golgappe, Fruit juices and fruit shakes.

4. Dalmoth Namkeen

Dalmoth is a great snack to have with tea.

Dalmoth is one of the foremost and unique snacks available in Agra. It’s a kind of namkeen (salty and spicy mix of different pulses and sevs). It’s usually accompanied by petha. You can find it at any sweet shop too. Dalmoth is pretty unique and different from other namkeens available in other parts of the country. A dalmoth over a cup of kadak chai (tea) is a must-have and served as a fulfilling breakfast. 

5. Paneer ke Paranthe

In Agra, you can find a variety of paranthas to eat at lunch

Paranthe is a dish almost everyone loves. Agra ke paranthe are famous as they have a speciality and peculiarity. Famous shops like Ram Babu ke paranthe are famous for their enormous varieties of paranthas. You must not miss an opportunity to taste paranthas of Agra and quench your appetite with a mouth watering desi dish.

6.Chikki and Gajak

Chikni and Gajak are very different kinds of sweets loved and celebrated in Northern India. They are sweets where there’s a sugarcoating on til and peanuts. It’s becomes very popular in winters especially. There are two main types of gajak:

  1. Gud gajak (Jaggery coated, more scattered)
  2. Cheeni gajak (Sugar coated, more refined texture)

 In Agra, you can find a number of shops of Gajak and chikki which have set a benchmark in quality. Bedariya Ram Gajak waale is one such shop where you can witness the variety and taste of Agra ki Gajak and Chikki.

7. Paneer ki Jalebi

“Tedhi medhi gali,Ras se bhari

(A labyrinth full of liquid sweet.)

Jalebi can be termed as a “breakfast sweet”.

These lines best describe how a jalebi look like.Jalebi is a famous dish all over the country. There are different kinds of jalebis served on your plate across the country. In Agra, jalebi is served as one of the most demanded breakfasts and sweet dishes. You can find it on many sweet shops and stalls. It’s usually served with dahi (curd/ yogurt) to enhance it’s taste. It’s even served on pujas as prashaad (the blessing of god) and is light as compared to many sweets.

8. Kulhad Chai

Kulhad tea can be found at any tea stall and sweet shop in the morning.

Chai (tea) is the most popular beverage in the country perceived as an energy drink, a must in breakfast, a relief in cold and cough and of course simply a tasty drink to talk over with your friends. Kulhad chai is a tea served in earthen mugs on tea stalls (commonly known as tapris) and shops. You can find people taking sips of kulhad chai and chatting with each other early morning in Agra. 

9. Bhalla (Dahi Sonth Wala)

Dahi bhalla is a very popular variety of bhalla in Agra.

Bhalla is a kind of potato mash-flat ball slowly fried on pan. It’s mixed with different kinds of chutneys and veggies and is chiefly available at Chaat gali, stalls and even restaurants. It’s mainly street food. It’s very popular in Agra and different varieties of it like Dahi Bhalla and sauth bhalla are served on people’s plates and are widely cherished.

10.Paneer Tikka 

Paneer tikka is a very popular dish in Agra.

Paneer is a delicacy that is served in many forms. From matar paneer to paneer ka parantha, paneer has varieties, thinking about which makes you hungry instantly. Agra is famous for its Paneer Tikka. It’s like a barbeque with deliciously roasted spicy paneer served with chutney.

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