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Agra, the hometown of our company is an attraction for the tourists around the world. The Taj Mahal is the symbol of India across the borders. The incredible Taj attracts thousands of tourists every day from the entire world.

With the help of OWIC cab you can multiply the joy of your experience. There are a number of other prominent and mesmerising sites in Agra to visit. As a native company our aim is to celebrate the underrated Heritage and the lesser known but eye boggling places of Agra

Reasons Why You Should Visit Agra

  • In Taj’s vicinity there is another majestic UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Agra Fort. It is older than the Taj Mahal.
  • Itmad-ud-daullah, the mausoleum of Mirza Ghyas beg, built by his daughter Noor Jahan, wife of Mughal emperor Jehangir.
  • Sikandra, mausoleum of Akbar.
  • Mehtab Bagh.
  • Cheeni ka Roza: Notable for its Persian influenced dome of blue glazed tiles; dedicated to the Prime Minister of Shāh Jahān, 'Allāma Afzal Khāl Mullā Shukrullāh of Shiraz.
  • Fatehpur Sikri, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Kinari Bazaar offers you the true essence of Agra. The market has a variety of things to shop. It also boasts of the old architecture through the various homes and shops standing there.
  • Marble Inlay Handicraft: The city also produces small and big handicrafts to take home as a token of love.
  • Anglo Indian Culture: This city in West UP shows off a number of centuries old churches and convents. It is interesting because it feels like one can experience the history of city and the entire Indian culture of acceptance & harmony at the same time.
  • If Kinari Bazaar is the essence of old Agra, Sadar Bazaar is the venue which displays the hues of New Agra. It is popularly said that if you didn’t visit Sadar’s chaat gali then you missed a lot from Agra.
  • Gurudwara Guru Ka Taal is another place to relish the Sikh culture and Radhaswami Temple is there for the satsang.
  • Keetham lake is a tourist attraction and Wildlife SOS is the world’s first elephant hospital where you can spend the entire day with the lovely elephants if you wish.Here they keep the rescued elephants from circuses, etc.
  • Petha is a world famous sweet from Agra with a lot of varieties, it is made from a fruit. Bedhai and Jalebi are also famous breakfasts dishes.It is said that if you haven’t tasted the food of a place you haven’t actually visited that place.

Same Day Tour: Details

Our schedule will depend on how much time you have for sightseeing. In case you have only one day or so, we will give our best by keeping in list, some selected places out of the above mentioned ones.

The OWIC cab will pick you up from Agra’s railway stations in addition to that the OWIC cab will provide you with the service of picking you up from any other city’s railway station or airports. OWIC Car Rentals will help you to explore all these amazing places in Agra by giving you an all in one package.

We will provide you with an authorised guide so you can avoid any unauthorised or exploitative elements. Our company is based in Agra so we can work even better than the most popular travel services, as far as well Same Day Agra Tour by Car package is concerned.

There are no hidden or extra charges, our assured services are provided to you within the aforementioned costs at the time.

Hope you are considering visiting Agra already now!

☑️ Atithi Devo Bhava


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