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Are you in need of Outstation Cabs & Local Airport Taxi Services in any North Indian city?

OWIC Car Rental Pvt. Ltd. is an established and reliable and company based in Agra. Over the years, we have won a number of accolades for our performance. Owic has maintained its name on the top among the regional itinerary service providers for a time period of over 18 years. A registered company, OWIC Car Rental has always strived to render cab facilities on absolutely reasonable prices. Our amenities and packages have been appreciated by customers. We firmly believe in the policy of making the customer our priority. If a client is looking for a luxury taxi on rent in New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur or any other North or Central Indian city, we are always here to make available our cabs at affordable costs. Our services stretch from Rajasthan to as far as the Northeast India.

Initiated as a Car Rental in Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal, OWIC acknowledges the significance of being trustworthy. Over the last decade, we have expanded our area of work to 102+ cities in different regions of the country. Currently, more than 30,000 cabs are working as allies with us. We are one of the largest travelling networks of the region. Our service providers are also sincere and diligent to ensure efficient taxi/cab providing.

Discover the Essence of India with OWIC Cab Services

India is a nation with multiplicity of languages, beliefs, environments and ethos. Our Motherland has numerous sites to explore. These include temples, churches, mosques, tombs and monuments across the nation. A notable number of these places are even UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From the majestic Taj Mahal to the grandeur of Stupas of Madhya Pradesh, from the scenic beauty of the Northeast to the Haat Bazaars of Rajasthan, India is full of places to be toured and travelled. It requires one to have in-budget cabs on hire to explore the richness of India at lower prices. OWIC Car Rental aims to give the customers a joyous travelling experience across India at reasonable prices.

What May You Expect from us?

OWIC offers all kinds of basic and sanitized cabs for sightseeing in Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, and many other cities to the people. We also provide special rates on booking airport taxis. We concentrate our services on the preferences of our patrons and clients. Our plans cover different regions across India linking with different sources. Our foremost goal has always been to brand our taxi deals as accessible to the customers from all kinds of backgrounds. We allow and provide both one-way and round-trip cab services.

To make available a memorable experience to our clients, we have a wide diversity of A/C taxis that enhance their comfort. We give extra importance to safe and time of the customer. We have, at our desks, employees (not artificial intelligence) to assist our clients in situation of misperception and distress concerning reservation of cab on hire. The basis of our standing lies in the fastness of our services and customer friendly environs of our workplace in all the ways possible.

About Our Team

Our firm works according to a strategy which prioritises keeping in touch with the customers. First things first, we ensure that the driver we are allotting is keen, trained and accountable enough. Giving the steering wheel to a cooperative and present minded chauffeur is indispensable for a “no-obstacle” travel experience. We have been constantly rendering drivers with confident English-speaking skills. We have proficient and specialized team members who continuously solve any inquiries on the part of the client. They also recommend the best and well-matched car in accordance with your necessity. Our team saves your time as it explores and compares different taxis from various sources for the customers.

What Makes Us the Best Choice in Northern India When it Comes to Hiring Cabs?

These are some of the amenities and pluses you get when you hire a taxi with OWIC Car Rental:

  • 1. You can plan and edit/update your own trip. If you need to book a car (cab/taxi) in Delhi/ Agra/ Jaipur or any other city in Northern India, you are the designers of your plans.
  • 2. You can effortlessly make up for any change in your schedule.
  • 3. You may relish the course of your journey by exploring also the sites that fall in between.
  • 4. You can pick and drop anyone right in the amidst your journey.
  • 5. The certified guide we provide on demand would make your knowledge and experience richer and you’d be able to actually appreciate the culture of India.
  • 6. If you hire a one-way cab you need to pay only for the ONE SIDE of your journey. There is no need to pay the price of a round trip, unlike many other reputed and expensive car rental services.
  • All these features make us a very reliable and customer-friendly Book a Cab Online.


Will One be Charged to Pay Extra or More for assured services while hiring One Way Drop Taxi or cabs?

No. A number of car rental services in big cities like Delhi, want clientele to pay additional money for their guaranteed/ assured services which means that the customer has to pay approximately the double of the real price. These assured services comprise paying to avail One Way Cab Offers, a good driver and a sanitized & well cleaned cabs. You are likely to experience this even in some reputed car rental services. But at OWIC Car Rental, you are presented with economical car rental arrangements where all above mentioned assured services are provided to you without any extra charges. This characteristic of ours makes us exclusive and mostly inimitable.

In How Many Cities Do We Rent Our Cabs?

We make our cabs available for hiring in Agra and cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Gwalior and so on. We have extended our services to over 102+ cities across the nation. We have a very extensive variety of sources to cabs to customers on hire.

Contact Us

We one of the foremost travel services in the region. If you’re looking for Aiport Taxi Pickup and Drops with enjoyable travel experience, make sure to contact us on +917060308180 |+917060309180 to rent a car in Agra/Delhi/ Jaipur or any other city in North India.


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