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Are you looking for a car on rent in Agra or Delhi or in any other North Indian city? We have got the answers for you.

OWIC: One of the Best Car Rentals in India

OWIC Car Rental Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known, trustworthy and award winning company based in Agra. Our Car Rental Service has maintained its reputation in the region for a time period of over 18 years. A registered company, OWIC Car Rental has set a benchmark in rendering travel services at reasonable prices. Our cab facilities have been appreciated by customers. OWIC's  strength lies in our policy of keeping the customer first. If one is willing to avail a car on rent in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur or any other North or Central Indian city, we are always here to provide our cabs. Our services stretch from Rajasthan to as far as the Northeast India.

Started originally as a Car Rental in Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal, OWIC knows the importance of travel and tours. Throughout the years, we have expanded our area of work to 102+ cities. At present, around 30,000 taxis are associated with us. It makes us one of the largest touring networks of the region. Our networks are dense enough to ensure effective taxi/cab providing.

Discover the Essence of India with OWIC Cab Services

India is a country with diversity of language, faith, climate and culture. Our country has a number of sites to explore. There are a number of temples, tombs and monuments across the nation. Many of these places are even UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From the Taj Mahal to the majestic Stupas of Madhya Pradesh, from the natural beauty of the Northeast to the Haat Bazaars of Rajasthan, India is full of places to be toured and travelled. It requires one to have in-budget cabs on hire to explore the richness of India at lower prices. OWIC Car Rental aims to give the customers a joyous travelling experience across India at reasonable prices.

What Might You Expect from us?

We, at OWIC offer both basic and luxury taxis on hire in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and many other cities to people. We also provide airport taxis. We render our services keeping in mind the preferences of our clients. OWIC covers regions across India connecting with different sources. Our first and the foremost goal is and has always been to make our taxi deals worth it for the customers. We serve both for one way cab service (that implies that one has to pay only for half way) and round trip also.

To give our customers a telling experience during their journey, we have a wide variety of A/C taxis that add to their comfort. Our priority is always safety, quality and time of the customer. We have actual employees (not artificial intelligence) to help our clients out in any matter of distress or confusion regarding booking cab on hire in the region. The foundation of our reputation is that our services are fast and customer friendly in all the ways possible.

About Our Team

The company works on the policy of keeping in touch with the customers. First of all, we make sure that the driver we're providing is well trained and is responsible enough. Giving the steering wheel to a keen and present minded chauffeur is essential for a hassle free travel experience. We always provide chauffeurs with fluent English speaking skills. We have trained and certified team members who are there 24X7 to help you resolve any query. They also suggest the best suited car as per your requirement. Our team is your time saver as they search and compare the cabs from different sources for you.

What Makes Us the Best Choice in Northern India When it Comes to Hiring Cabs?

These are some of the facilities and perks you get when you hire a taxi with OWIC Car Rental:

  • 1. You can plan/edit/update your own trip. Whether, you want to rent a car (cab/taxi) in Agra or any other city in Northern India, you are the designers of your plans.
  • 2. You can easily manage any delay in your schedule.
  • 3. You may enjoy the route by surfing the locations that fall in between.
  • 4. You can pick and drop anyone right in the middle of your journey.
  • 5. It would make your experience richer and you'd be able to actually enjoy the culture of India.
  • 6. If you've hired a one way cab you need to pay only for the ONE SIDE you are travelling. No need to pay the price of a round trip.
  • All these features make us a very reliable and customer-friendly car rental in India.

Will a Customer Have to Pay Extra for the So-called "ASSURED" One Way cabs on Hire?

No. Many car rental services in Delhi and other cities, ask customers to pay extra for their assured services which means that the customer has to pay approximately the double of the real price. All these assured services include paying for availing a clean cab, a nice chauffeur and on time cab. You can go through this even in some reputed car rental service.

But here, at OWIC Car Rental, you are offered budget car rental deals where all above mentioned assured services are provided to you by default. This feature makes us unique as most other Delhi Car Rental Services don't provide such services by default.

In How Many Cities Do We Rent Our Cabs?

Other than providing our cabs for hiring in Agra, we also rent our cars to even cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Gwalior and many more. We have expanded our services to over 102+ cities across India. We have a very wide range of sources from which we provide cabs to customers on rent.

Contact Us

We're one of the most preferred travel services in the region. If you're looking for a wholesome travel experience in a budget, make sure to contact us on +91 7060308180 or +917060309180 to rent a car in Agra and other cities for the detail of Charges for cabs and additional services. Also, you can also E-mail us on


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